Jan 17, 2007

a tale of two trees

Jan 4, 2007


It was surely a horrible experience, getting raped by one Daniel Smith, in the back of a moving van, in the dead of the night, while she was too intoxicated to fight off the assailant. She files a case, and the whole nightmare must be relived in that courtroom under the glare of camera lights and cynical eyes. She wins the case, and she is raped once again by a group of brainless people who doubted her story and believed that the rapist is innocent of the crime because he's "cute."

And now, the most disgusting criminal act against Nicole to date: GMA, Gonzalez, Romulo, et al, raped her once again, and the country, and its people, by spitting in the face of Nicole to please Bush.

Now it can be told without a tinge of doubt; GMA did not give a hoot about the life of that Filipino truck driver when she pulled out our troops from Iraq to please the man's abductors who threatened to behead him if the pinoys weren't pulled out. She didn't care about him, she cared about saving her illegitimate claim to power, and such a then popular move would do just that. And now that her hold on Malacañang got a bit tighter since, to hell with the Filipina rape victim, make Bush smile, and make sure the rapist is as comfortable as possible, the laws of the land and the sovereignty of this country be damned.

And to think one can go to jail for not standing up while the National Anthem is being played.

Rapists go to hell.

You must be tired of all the people throwing in their 5 centavos' worth on this issue - well, don't be, you shouldn't be, you must not be, this whole thing's a slap on your face too.