Sep 19, 2006

Pepe in VOCAS

Open Space Projects performs "PEPE" on September 20, Wednesday, 7:00pm, at the Victor Oteyza COmmunity Art Space (VOCAS), top floor of La Azotea Bldg., Session ROad, Baguio CIty.

Admission is free.

Sep 1, 2006

Death March

I didn't understand what was going on... One side of Session Road, hte on going down, was closed to traffic, usually done when there's a parade. It did feel like a holiday when I left the house. Then, peering through the policemen and the barricades, there it was, a parade. I turn right towards the cathedral and parked the car there instead, and decided to wait it out in some internet cafe.

Used the elevator going down Porta Vaga and out to Session Road to cross to Such & Such internet cafe, I met Martin with his kick-ass camera on his way up to his studio. Good morning.

Out on Session Road, there were some people lined up along Session Road, no animation today, the whole thing looked like a series of still photographs, minus the background music - even the people parading down Session Road couldn't manage to force a look of celebration on their faces. It was eerily quiet.

Like a death march.

I didn't catch the head of the parade, where I might have caught sight of the recently installed acting mayor of the city and the acting vice-mayor, and the acting top councilor, and the acting second top councilor... see, with the removal of the Honorable Braullio Yaranon, everybody moved a step up in a game of Charades, musical chairs, now eveyrbody's in an acting capacity.

It was a death march.